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Get Involved



Step One: Attend worship  

service occasionally


Step Two: more regular attendance, help  with the service; usher, reader,  greeter


Step Three: weekly attendance, watch online if ill or out of town, or visit  another church when out of  town, help plan or lead the  worship service, liturgist,  deliver the message 


Step One: Prayers mealtime  and bedtime prayers, prayers of  self, prayers of  intercession for family and friends

Step Two: Prayer of intercession for  others-church, community,  world leaders, strangers in  need, join a prayer group or  prayer team, participate in a  prayer walk or prayer vigil,  read books on prayer, scheduled daily prayer and  meditation, keeping a prayer  and gratitude journal  


Step Three: Organizing and leading a  prayer event; journaling,  solitude, fasting and abstinence, leading and organizing church prayer  activities, state of continual  prayer...




Step One: random Bible reading


Step Two:Regular bible reading, using a  study Bible, Upper Room Devotional, on-line  devotionals, attending a small  group Bible study, memorize  scripture, lectionary reading

Step Three: Daily bible reading and  meditating on scripture, taking  a Disciple Bible class, reading  the Bible in a year, organizing  and leading a bible study,  being in an accountability  group, journaling, Lectio  Divina style bible study


Step One: Inside the church volunteering when  tasks are requested;  occasionally helping  in the nursery, the  church office or with  church or property  maintenance, preparing food for  bereavement meals,  changing the sign  Outside the church bringing items or  money for  


Step Two: Inside- serving on a team or  committee; prayer team,  sending cards, making phone  calls...  

Outside- participating in a  mission project such as Hugs  from Home or volunteering at  St Vincent’s, Boy’s Club,  

delivering meals for Senior  Citizens, UMW, UMCOR  disaster training...

Step Three: Inside- chairing a team or  committee; planning and  organizing church word days,  prayer teams, card sending  teams...

Outside-going on a  mission or UMCOR disaster  relief trip, planning &/or  leading a mission trip, mission  organization board member,  NOMADS...


Step One: random giving in the  worship service or  to an outside charity

Step Two: proportional giving, (having an  intentional plan to give a  percentage of income, ie start  with 1-2% of your income and with a plan to increase in  increments, maybe 1-2 %  every 6 or 12 months.

Step Three: joyfully giving a tithe or 10%  with plans to continue to  increase the intentional  

proportions; giving to charities  outside the church, being  generous with tips and etc.




Step One: Mentioning that you  go to church or that  you are a Christian,  offer to pray for  

someone in need,  wear a shirt with the  name of the church,  sharing your faith  with your children,  grandchildren, and  close friends....

Step Two: Invite someone to attend  worship or another church  function, read books or take a class on faith sharing. Actively  work on your “spoken and  unspoken witness”, make a list  of unchurched people, pray for  courage to invite them to  church and pray that they  accept your invitation....

Step Three: Seek opportunities share your  witness where unchurched people monthly, invite 5 

unchurched people a year to  worship, offer to preach, lead a  faith sharing class, train for  Lay Servant ministries, go to  seminary... 

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